Transported Stock Statement (TSS) Application

What is a TSS?

The Transported Stock Statement (TSS) system was introduced in 1990 partly to assist the Police service to trace stolen stock. As a result of an increase in the incidence of stock theft, the need has now arisen to heighten community awareness of the TSS scheme.

You must use a TSS whenever cattle, sheep, goats or horses are to be transported by a vehicle, whether it be by road, rail or water within NSW.

When is a TSS not required?

  • when stock are transported into New South Wales from another state or from the Australian Capital Territory, and transported within New South Wales for up to 30 kilometres before returning to that other state or territory as part of an unbroken journey;
  • when stock are transported across or along a road from one part of a holding to another part that would be contiguous with the first-mentioned part but for being separated by the road;
  • when stock are transported to or from a place for treatment by a veterinary surgeon;
  • when horses are being transported to or from any agricultural show, exhibition, gymkhana, pony club meeting or similar function;
  • when racehorses, harness racing horses or working horses are being transported from one place to another;
  • when stock are transported in any other circumstances prescribed by the regulations;
  • when stock are transported under the provisions of a stock permit issued under Section 101 of the Rural Lands Protection Act 1998, or an order or permit issued under the Stock Diseases Act 1923.

When can National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) be used as a TSS in NSW?

  • National Vendor Declaration (Sheep and Lambs) and Waybill (First Edition March 2004)
  • National Vendor Declaration (Sheep and Lambs) and Waybill (First Edition November 2005)
  • National Vendor Declaration (Cattle) and Waybill (First Edition November 2005)
  • European Union Vendor Declaration (Cattle) and Waybill (First Edition November 2005)
  • National Vendor Declaration (Goats) and Waybill (First Edition November 2005)
  • National Vendor Declaration (Cattle) and Waybill (First Edition March 2004)

Note: A TSS cannot be used as NVD.

How can I get my consignment note approved as a Transported Stock Statement?

You must apply to the Stock Transportation Accreditation Committee for approval to use a consignment note as a TSS. The committee is comprised of one representative from the following sectors:

  • Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • NSW Police Force

In order for such approval to be granted, the consignment note must contain, at minimum, the following information:

Owner Details Consignee Details Stock Details Driver Details Vehicle Details
  • Owner of stock
  • Address of owner
  • Place of loading
  • Date loaded
  • Name of Consigner
  • Address of Consigner
  • Name of Consignee
  • Delivery Address
  • Address of Consignee
  • Type
  • Sex
  • Tail Tag/Ear Tag No
  • Ear marks
  • Brands
  • Number
  • Name
  • Signature
  • Contact Number
  • Registration Number
  • Start Km’s
  • Finish Km’s

By simply completing this online application form, the LBRCA will submit your application to the committee for approval.

For any new application, please allow 7-14 days for the approval process.

How much does a TSS cost?

LBRCA Members are entitled to discounts on TSS application fees and printing.

Application fees are dependent on whether you choose to submit your own consignment note for approval or use the pre-approved LBRCA template with your company details and logo.

Application Type Own Template LBRCA Template
Non-Member $220.00 $275.00
Member $110.00 $165.00
Print Quantity 10 20  30 50  100 200
Non-Member $534.50 $684.00 $771.00 $1150.50 $1904.00 $3790.50
Member $487.75 $634.50 $699.50 $1043.25 $1,728.00 $3,419.25

The above price table is based on the following printing specifications

  • TSS Carbonless Docket Books
  • Duplicate with numbers (50 sets/ 100pgs per book) White/ Yellow
  • Heavy Duty Crocodile board Cover with fold in writing flaps
  • Print – Black and White 1 side with red numbers
  • Size – A4 (297 x 210mm)
  • Includes delivery to anywhere in NSW

For alternative printing requirements, please contact the LBRCA for a customised quote.

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