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Register today for a Truckie Tuesday session being held across November 2022.

Truckie Tuesday is an initiative that aims to better support professional drivers focus and improve their mental and physical health while they are on the road.

We all know that freight transport businesses and their drivers are a hard-to-reach audience, but did you know that they are (alarmingly) the second highest occupation group at risk of suicide, after construction workers. Risk factors include long and irregular work hours, poor diet, lack of exercise, fatigue, relationship pressures, isolation from friends and families, and the stress of regulatory burdens and tight deadlines – added to this are increasing pressures and regulations due to pandemics (Covid 19), disease outbreaks (Foot and Mouth Disease) and natural disasters (floods, fires, and drought).

Truckie Tuesday aims to improve driver health leading to fewer injuries and fewer workers’ compensation claims, improved retention of skilled workers in regional areas, de-stigmatisation and increased awareness of mental health, provision of a pathway of support, and ultimately provide a positive ripple effect that benefits employees, their families, and the communities in which they live, service and socialise.

Over the 1.5-hour webinar, you will hear from a range of health professionals who will provide tips and useful information that will assist you manage your health and wellbeing and ultimately reduce the likelihood of you (or your employees) sustaining a workplace injury or disease.


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