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NSWLLS Driver Assessment 


What is the NSWLLS driver assessment?

Transport for NSW and the Livestock Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) have developed the NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS or scheme) Driver Learning and Assessment to educate and assess drivers on the NSWLLS. 

Designed to reduce the incidence of heavy vehicle rollovers and increase the safety of drivers and livestock, the improved NSWLLS education provides a flexible learning opportunity to participating drivers and ensures consistency in education. 

Why do drivers need to undertake the NSWLLS driver assessment?

Drivers MUST be assessed by a NSWLLS assessor to carry livestock at Higher Mass Limit (HML) under the NSWLLS. 

When do drivers need to be assessed in the NSWLLS?

Existing NSWLLS Drivers are required to renew their accreditation by 5 March 2023. After this date, NSWLLS accreditation issued on or before 5 March 2021 is deemed expired. 

The new accreditation will be valid for 5 years, and NSWLLS Drivers will be required to renew their accreditation every 5 years. 

What does the NSWLLS assessment involve?

The Assessor will make observations and question the driver’s knowledge of the NSWLLS and requirements to transport livestock in NSW. 

Driver’s will need to answer questions and demonstrate their ability to load and unload livestock safely. This includes the driver proving their ability to calculate the correct load weight and number of livestock to load for the vehicle combination. 

Once a driver has successfully completed the assessment a Certificate of Completion. This document can be used to prove a driver is accredited to transport livestock under the NSWLLS until the NSWLLS Driver Card arrives in the post, approximately 2-4 weeks following the assessment. 

If you are unsuccessful, you can book in with a NSWLLS Assessor after 48 hours. 

Is LBRCA approved to deliver NSWLLS assessments?

Yes. Three assessors have been approved by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver NSWLLS assessments on behalf of LBRCA. LBRCA assessors will deliver NSWLLS driver assessments across three key locations including Gunnedah, Tamworth, and Wagga Wagga Saleyards on a regular basis. 

LBRCA will undertake NSWLLS assessments in conjunction (in the lead up/on the day) to livestock sales at following locations: 

  • Gunnedah – The Gunnedah Saleyards on the Kamilaroi Highway in conjunction with its cattle stock sale, each Tuesday. 
  • Tamworth – The Tamworth Regional Livestock Exchange on Phoenix Street Westdale in conjunction with its prime cattle sale at 8am each Monday, its sheep and lamb sale at 11am each Monday, and its store cattle sale at 11am fortnightly on a Friday. 
  • Wagga Wagga – The Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre (LMC) on Webb Street Bomen in conjunction with its bull sale (7am), its prime cattle sale (7.30am), and its store and calf sale (11am) each Monday as well as its sheep and lamb sale at 8am each Thursday. 

LBRCA assessors can also deliver NSWLLS assessments at other locations. The location must be agreed to by LBRCA at least 7 days in advance. Assessment fees will not change however travel costs will be charged for the assessor to travel to and from the agreed location. 

Contact LBRCA on 02 6295 6651 or email office@lbrca.org.au to arrange delivery of your NSWLLS assessment at a location of your choice. 

How much time does the NSWLLS assessment take?

LBRCA Assessors allocate between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete a NSWLLS assessment. However, this is dependent on the driver’s skills and knowledge. 

We encourage driver’s to review the online learning materials and undertake the practice quiz prior to booking in for an assessment. 

What does a driver need to bring to a NSWLLS assessment?

A core requirement of the NSWLLS is for an Assessor to observe a driver loading livestock. This requires that a driver has access to a registered Livestock vehicle, loading ramp, and a minimum of 1 pen of livestock to demonstrate the driver’s ability to load livestock. 

LBRCA Assessors will deliver assessments at Gunnedah, Tamworth, and Wagga Wagga saleyards. These locations include a loading ramp. Drivers are required, however, to organise a registered livestock vehicle and livestock for these locations. 

Drivers must also bring photo identification to be sighted by the Assessor before the NSWLLS assessment can start. A current Drivers Licence is acceptable. 

How does a driver make a booking for a NSWLLS assessment?

Phone LBRCA on 02 6295 6651 to book directly or to make further enquiries. 

What happens after a driver makes a booking?

Driver’s must provide a contact phone number and email address at the time of a NSWLLS assessment booking through LBRCA. We use these details to contact drivers for the following reasons: 

  • Confirm booking and provide drivers with information about the NSWLLS assessment process (e.g., location address, meeting point, assessor name and mobile number etc); and 
  • Liaise with drivers prior to arrival at booking location; and 
  • Send drivers information about the NSWLLS or LBRCA from time-to-time. 

What are the assessment fees?

Please contact the LBRCA on 02 6295 6651 for pricing.

What learning resources are available to drivers to prepare for the NSWLLS assessment?

Transport for NSW together with the LBRCA has developed free interactive online learning resources that drivers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a range of devices. 

We encourage driver’s to review the online learning materials and undertake the practice quiz prior to booking in for an assessment. 

How to change or cancel a booking for a NSWLLS assessment?

If you have booked the wrong day, the wrong location, or the wrong time you can swap your booking without attracting a fee on the condition you submit your request at least 7 business working days before your booked session. Changes requested within 3-6 days will incur a 25% fee. Changes requested within 48 hours to the booking will incur a 50% fee. 

Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the booking will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 3-6 days will incur a 50% fee. Cancellations requested within 48 hours to the booking will incur an 100% fee (i.e., no refund). 

To request a change to, or to cancel, your booking email office@lbrca.org.au or by phone 02 6295 6651.