LBRCA represents the interests of our members and the heavy vehicle transport industry as a whole.

LBRCA is at the forefront in seeking important industry reforms. We drive a strong policy agenda focused on achieving positive changes to sustain and improve our industry.

Our member concerns, views and solutions are escalated to the NSW and Federal Government and Regulatory Authorities through formal submissions, regular meetings as well as representation on various Government and industry committees.

We aim to positively influence change through strong and credible leadership and advocacy.

We will:

Provide an effective policy environment for members operating in the rural and regional heavy vehicle freight sector.
Stay informed and be a prominent voice for the sector as an advocate and influencer to enable growth and drive effective change.
Assist members to address issues of concern to rural livestock transporters and bulk carriers through identification of practical solutions.

When we as an Association take a decision, it is up to each and every one of us who voted in favour of that decision to talk in favour of it. And it is up to each and every one of us who did not win, to work within our Association to promote the broader interests of our livestock transporting industry.

Alan Murphy

Inaugural LBRCA Vice-President