Past Advocacy

Over the past 30 years, the LBRCA and our members have successfully advocated on a range of issues relating to:

Productivity: NSW Livestock Loading Scheme, NSW Grain Harvest Management Scheme (previously GHLP), Access: Road Train, 4.6m, HML, LLS, 26m B-double, Concessional Mass Limits.

Safety: Fatigue and work diaries, Chain of Responsibility, Effluent management and enforcement, Saleyard rating systems, Saleyard rating systems, Heavy vehicle monitoring devices, loading ramps.

Animal Welfare: Loading ramps, crate standards, effluent management, animal handling practices, curfewing.

Compliance and Enforcement: Fairer on-road enforcement, sensible compliance, consistent enforcement, education programs.

Business Viability: Road transport charges and taxes, cartage rates, primary producer concessions.

Industry Succession: Young Driver of the Year, apprenticeship programs.

Check out our past advocacy including submissions here:

2016:  Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal and it’s 2016 Order abolished

2016:  Minister Duncan Gay announces $10 million in NSW/Federal Government funding to upgrade NSW truck wash network

2016:  LBCA Heavy Vehicle Forum held in Temora

2016:  LBCA changes its name to Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association Incorporated (LBRCA) on 21 September 2016.

2016:  LBRCA ramps up issues surrounding incorrect use of primary producer concessions.

2015:  Inaugural LBCA Young Driver of the Year awarded to Raymond Sutton

2015:  LBCA strongly supports various applications by local councils for funding under round 2 of the Fixing Country Roads programme.

2012:   Livestock Loading Scheme (LLS) in NSW established

2007:   LBCA continues lobbying for a livestock loading initiative in NSW

2007:   Grain Transport Code of Practice released

2007:  Road Freight Advisory Council established– Jim Savage appointed for LBCA

2006:   New Concessional Mass Limits (CML) arrangements established

2006:   NSW Fatigue Regulations come into effect

2006:   LBCA lobbies successfully for a drought assistance package

2006:   Width concessions introduced for heavy vehicles in NSW

2005:   Grain Harvest Loading Protocol (GHLP) Issues paper released – the early GHMS

2005:   LBCA lobbies for greater access to heavy vehicle truck wash facilities

2005:   LBCA lobbies for greater flexibility in driving hours to align with other States

2005:  Third Charges Determination Report released by NTC – overcharging start

2004:  LTANSW changes name to Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association of NSW

2004:   LBCA lobbies hard for safer loading ramps.

2003:   CoR requirements earmarked to become law

2002:   Road Transport Efficiency Bill legislation developed

2001:   LTANSW initiates a ‘terminals’ program for our bulk carriers

2001:   CENTROC Weight of Loads Group is established in NSW

2000:   Effluent on the agenda again

2000:   LTANSW accredited as a Transported Stock Statement (TSS) Accredited Provider

2000:   Bulk Sub-Committee established (initiated by Neville Sellens)

1998:  LTANSW lobbies successfully for removal monitoring devices for NSW HV’s

1998:   LTANSW attends the Transport Safety Summit in Bondi

1997:  New driving hours introduced including 100k work diary exemption in NSW

1997:   Livestock cartage rates on the agenda again

1997:   A livestock loading scheme is ramping up in NSW

1997:   Super dogs and truck/trailer combinations introduced

1997:   Primary producer concessions strictly limited following lobbying by LTANSW

1996:   National road transport charges introduced on 1 July

1996:   Approval granted in NSW to tow dollies behind single prime movers

1994:  NSW Truck Wash (EASE/AVDATA) system expands to 6 saleyards

1994:   NSW Livestock Loading Taskforce Launched, represented by G. Walker/J. Savage

1994:   Major progress in extending road train access in NSW

1994:   Rating systems for saleyards pursued

1993:   LTANSW lobbies for sensible national regulation charges, suggested by the NTC

1992:   4.6m ‘as of right’ access road system commenced, supported by LTANSW

1992:   Push for a livestock loading scheme by LTANSW

1988:   Inaugural LTANSW Conference held in Dubbo