The NSW Government has allocated an additional $500 million towards the NSW drought relief package to assist farmers affected by the drought – an event that now strangles 99% of the state.

This brings the total relief package to $1 billion.

The additional funding includes $190 million in transport subsidies providing farmers access to a subsidy for up to 50% of the cost of moving stock, food, and water.

“A drought doesn’t discriminate and an entire rural community will experience the impacts. If local farmers are struggling, so too does the whole community,” says LBRCA President Lynley Miners.

“The package is not the silver bullet that will deliver a state-wide miracle but it’s going to keep the cogs turning while we wait for the drought to break.”

“The LBRCA agree that it is critical to support our farmers but is equally critical to extend adequate lifelines to the rural sectors that support our farmers including rural transporters.”

As part of the package, all NSW councils can now apply for funding to rectify poor sections of local roads that may impact on drought affected stock being transported.

Do the drought measures extend far enough to support all rural sectors? What else can be done to provide relief to – or support – rural carriers who may be experiencing the ripple effect of a long and drawn out drought?

The LBRCA is keen for members to express their views – please contact the Secretariat on 02 6295 6651 or email